Trail Rides

There are 4 trail rides to choose from.

More information about each ride will be posted progressively over the coming weeks.

Friday 5 April – Mudlo Trail

A short, walk-only 12km trail suitable for all age groups. It is recommended horses are shod or booted, but it is at the owner’s discretion. Ride departs at 2.00pm. The mandatory unmounted pre-ride briefing is at 1.30pm.

Saturday 6 April – Bendele Trail

A 14km (approx.) walk-only trail suitable for all age groups. It is recommended horses are shod or booted, but it is at the owner’s discretion. Ride departs at 1.00pm. The mandatory unmounted pre-ride briefing is at 12.30pm.

Saturday 6 April – Adventure Trail

A longer 26km trail suitable for confident riders and trail-fit horses only. It is recommended horses are shod or booted, but it is at the owner’s discretion. Ride departs at 8.30am. The mandatory unmounted pre-ride briefing is at 8.00am.

Saturday 6 April – The Long Ride

A more challenging 30km ride for confident riders and trail-fit horses only. It is highly recommended horses are shod or booted, but it is at the owner’s discretion. Ride departs at 8.00am. The mandatory unmounted pre-ride briefing is at 7.30am.

Entries are now open.

Rules for Trail Riders

  • HELMETS – all riders are encouraged to wear a helmet, however all riders under 18yo must wear an approved helmet.
  • All riders 18yo and under must be accompanied by and supervised by and adult on all trails at all times.
  • Riders are encouraged to wear safe riding boots, long-sleeved shirt, and long pants.
  • Dangerous riding behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in a rider being asked to dismount and leave the trail ride.
  • Stallions, dogs, alcohol or drugs are NOT permitted on any trail ride.
  • Trails are a smoking free zone. There will be a designated smoker’s area at each stop.
  • Riders are required to complete a release and waiver of liability form.

At Kilkivan

  • Fuel is available at Liberty Kilkivan on the eastern side of town. Open from 5am – 7pm. They also sell a limited range of horse feed and farm supplies.
  • The Kilkivan Hotel is open from 10am and serves evening meals from 6pm.
  • Kilkivan Meats is open 7am to 5pm weekdays and 7am to 12pm on Saturdays.
  • The Kilkivan General Store has a small selections of groceries and does take-away food up until around 2pm. The store is open at 7am and closes around 4pm.
  •  The Kilkivan Pharmacy is open from 9.30am to 4pm on Friday only. The nearest pharmacy open on the weekend is in Gympie.
  • The nearest grocery store is Foodworks at Goomeri, about 25km drive west.
  • It is important to note that there is no medical or veterinary facility in Kilkivan. The nearest is at Gympie or Murgon.
  • If you forget any horse equipment, the nearest saddlery is Gympie Saddleworld or Goomeri Emporium.

Showground Facilities

  • Food & drinks are available for purchase.
  • The bar will be open Friday from 6-10pm, Saturday 2pm-12am, Sunday 10am – 2pm.
  • There will be FREE entertainment on Saturday night.
  • EFTPOS available.
  • There are ladies and men’s toilets and showers.
  • The showgrounds are approximately 2km from the village of Kilkivan.

Horses at the Showground

  • The yards at the showgrounds CANNOT be used for horses during the event. They are designated for use by volunteers and other personnel nominated by the committee.
  • You must provide your own yards and/or fencing to keep your horses safe during the event.
  • Horses must be restrained (tied up or in an enclosure) at all times.
  • Please clean up all manure and discarded hay/feed and either take it with you or place in the designated manure pit.
  • All horse owners entering the Kilkivan Showgrounds must complete a horse health declaration from that is signed on the day of travel (not the day before you arrive).
  • Kilkivan Showgrounds PIC QCKK3002

What to bring for your horses:

  • Water bucket/s – it is not good horse hygiene to use communal water troughs. Taps are located throughout the grounds.
  • A short hose for hosing your horse off. 
  • Feed for your horse. (There is some horse feed at the Liberty Fuel Station on the east end of Kilkivan).

Horse Health & Biosecurity

  • Practice good animal hygiene by cleaning your horse equipment thoroughly before you arrive and before you go home.
  • Do not share equipment such as food and water containers between horses.
  • Avoid communal water troughs.
  • If you don’t use your own hose to fill water buckets, avoid allowing the hose to touch your water bucket.
  • Notify an official immediately if a horse is suspected of being sick.
  • Isolate the horse and seek veterinary advice.
  • Isolate any equipment that has been in contact with a sick horse.
  • Consider vaccinating your horse prior to travelling to an event.
  • arrive in plenty of time to ensure your horse can rest and recover from the trip before trail ride departure time.

Horse Health Declaration Form

Release and Waiver of Liability form

Camping at the Kilkivan Showgrounds

  • Limited the amount you drive your vehicle within the showgrounds.
  • When driving, keep your speed low for the safety of others and to limit dust.
  • Water is precious – please be waterwise when showering or using water to care for animals.
  • Hot showers are a luxury so please be quick so others can enjoy!
  • Rubbish should be collected and left in a bin provided around the camping area or take it home with you.
  • Glass should be kept to a minimum and MUST be picked up prior to leaving (including any breakages).
  • Children are to be supervised by parents/responsible adult at all times
  • Campfires are permitted providing it is not a total fire ban. Please supervise your campfire, preferable use fire bin or pit and ensure it is fully extinguished when you go to bed or leave the event.

Dogs are Welcome

Dogs are welcome at the Kilkivan Great Horse Ride.

  • Dogs must be restrained on a lead or within an enclosure at all times.
  • Please ensure your dog does not bark or whine or create any undue disturbance to other people.
  • Do the right thing and pick up the poo!
  • Dogs are not allowed on the trail rides, so make sure your dog is securely contained while you are away with shade and water and that it will not bark and whine while you are away.
  • People are encouraged to have their dogs microchipped and/or have a collar with identification tag just in case it escapes.