2024 Bush Poetry Winner

Congratulations to Suzi Eley, the winner of the 2024 Kilkivan Bush Poetry Contest

Beneath the gum trees, standing tall and wide,

In Kilkivan’s heart, where riders take stride.

A town on the trail, lively and free,

Where hooves echo wildly, in spirited glee.

In ’86, a dream took flight,

Born from Webb’s vision, pure and bright,

A grazier from Widgee, with a heart so grand,

Fabian Webb’s dream, the Kilkivan Great Horse Ride began.

Queensland’s opening, ’88’s grand affair,

Incorporated with pride, the National Trail declared,

R M Williams, a legend, among the noble steeds,

Hooves pounding the ground, fulfilling our needs.

From Cooktown’s sunrise to Victoria’s twilight glow,

On the Bi-Centennial Trail, where nature’s tales flow.

Kilkivan, a precious jewel, in nature’s gentle embrace,

A town with a lively spirit, a grace, a story to chase.

Fast forward to 2008’s grand cheer,

The Shire’s 120, oh my, oh dear!

A statue unveiled, life-sized and grand,

Fabian Webb, Smoky at his command.

Kilkivan, a town with a story to tell,

On the Bi-Centennial Trail, where echoes swell,

Ride through the ages, make memories divine,

Join the adventure, let your spirit entwine.

Now here we are, in twenty twenty-four,

Kilkivan’s festivity, hear the horses’ roar,

A trail ride extravaganza, so divine,

For riders of all ages, come rain or shine.

Three days of fun, a jam-packed spree,

Trail riding bliss, oh, what ecstasy,

For the love of horses, and aching rears,

It’s the Kilkivan Great Horse Ride, three cheers!